Landmark and Legend
Memphis, TN
Here we note legends-in-their-own-time and landmarks as they transition into history

Mason YMCA, 3548 Walker Avenue, Memphis. Photo taken December 30, 2011
Alfred D. Mason Branch, YMCA
Alfred D. Mason YMCA, 3548 Walker Avenue, Memphis, TN.The structure remains, but the occupant that made it noteworthy has left the building. The Alfred D. Mason YMCA at 3548 Walker Avenue in Memphis closed December 31, 2011. Forty-two residents were given until January 31, 2012, to move out.

YMCA officials said that the building, apparently built in 1959 on property the Y purchased 3 years earlier, needed $875,000 for immediate repairs, an additional $1.8-million in longer term maintenance and two to three-million more dollars to bring it up to contemporary YMCA standards. A YMCA spokesperson said the closing was necessary to maintain the financial health of the YMCA program in the broader Memphis area.

The decision by the YMCA board of directors spurred protests by some Mason branch YMCA members who complained the Y would not discuss with them options of keeping the facility open.

The Y said it was talking to potential buyers for the building.

Joe Potter, who works in area, noted, "We just don't know what the future of that area will be - will it be a blight, or will somebody come by and put an office building there?" (WPTY-TV)