Landmark and Legend
Memphis, TN
Here we note legends-in-their-own-time and landmarks as they transition into history

West Hall - University of Memphis
? - 2007
West Hall (Mynders West), residence hallWest Hall, also known as West Mynders Hall, was a women's residence hall at the University of Memphis. It housed 162 students and was located fronting Patterson Street at Midland Avenue, with a large front lawn extending out to Patterson Street. According to a University description published during the last years of its existence, West Hall was equipped with community baths, was air conditioned, and had movable furniture in the rooms. It also featured community lounges, a TV lounge, a community kitchen, laundry room, study quiet floors and a large game room and lounge on second floor. Wireless Internet access was provided sometime during its last decade before demolition. The last reservations for housing in West Hall were accepted for the Summer Term, 2007. In 2008 it was torn down.

After the land was cleared of debris and some trees, construction was begun on a new 496-bedWest Hall's location after demolition dormitory. It will be comprised of two new buildings that will have office and classroom space as well as living areas and is expected to be completed by March 2010. It will feature free laundry facilities on every floor, high speed Internet and cable connections to every room, controlled access, double and single rooms with semi-private baths and kitchen and community space. Some of the rooms will be reserved for students in the University's music program and music practice rooms are included in the design. Other students to be assigned to the new dorm include rooms will be honor students or the those in the university's emerging leaders program. Initially, most of the residents are expected to be freshmen. As of mid June, 2008, no name for the new
new residence hall, which costs $26-million, had been announced.

Below is an artist's rendition of the look of the new West Hall.
Artwork of the new West Hall.