Landmark and Legend
Memphis, TN
Here we note noteworthy people and landmarks of the area that have now passed into history.

University Center, University of Memphis
1967 - 2007
How many dates were made here, how many future spouses were met? How many pool games played? How many lunches served? How many speaker programs and concerts were held?

We'd guess about 40 years worth.

During a major expansion of campus facilities and enrollment at what was then known as Memphis State University in the 1960s, the new and gleaming student center, called the University Center, was opened in 1967. Students had two lounges in which to relax and visit, television rooms in which to keep up with the latest news, soap operas, or prime time series. A full service cafeteria, a recreation room filled with pool tables, study rooms, the on-campus bookstore, meeting rooms, and an auditorium for speakers and concerts were all housed in this building, along with offices for the student government association and some other student organizations.

What was new and gleaming in 1967 became outdated and difficult to maintain to a new generation of students, faculty and staff. So in 2007, the 40 year old building was torn down to make way for a new student center at the same location.

The University reports the new student center is being built entirely with private funds.