Landmark and Legend
Memphis, TN
Here we note legends-in-their-own-time and landmarks as they transition into history

Dedication Bricks at the Pyramid
Dedication Bricks at the Pyramid Arena
1991 - 2012
Dedication Bricks at the Pyramid

Update: The University of Memphis has agreed to place the commeorative bricks on its main campus near the statue of Ramesses, which also was moved from in front of the Pyramid to campus.  A  university spokesperson says the donors will be able to reclaim the bricks if they desire, otherwise, they will be placed near the Ramesses statue, which is now between the music and theater buildings on Central Avenue.

In 1991, as the new Pyramid Arena was preparing to open, the Metropolitan Interfaith Association (MIFA) sold dedication bricks to go in the sidewalk in front of the Pyramid. The money raised was used for MIFA's various charitable and service purposes, which include Meals on Wheels, transportation for the elderly, and emergency money for rent, utilities, food and clothing for the poor. Inscribed with a name chosen by the donor, the bricks were a popular method of honoring or memorializing someone special. At $50 each, MIFA sold 12,539 bricks producing $621,420 of revenue.

Now in 2012, as the Pyramid has been closed for some time and is not being prepared to become a new Outdoors, Inc. store, the bricks are no longer a fit for the location. The City has arranged to remove and store them while it is decided if they can be laid in a new location or returned to the donors who bought them. That decision has not been made as of May, 2012, but the bricks are being carefully removed from the sidewalk.

This author has to admit that while disappointed that the brick(s) he bought were no longer to remain at their original location, the thought did not initially occur that they constituted a landmark. Certainly for those who bought the bricks, they are. So we note their removal from in front of what was the Pyramid Arena.

Inscriptions on the Pyramid dedication bricks

Below are 2 of the many sections of dedication bricks in front of the Pyramid.
The dedication bricks were laid in the sidewalk in front of the Pyramid Arena in 1991.

As can be seen below, workers are removing the bricks, stacking them up, and preparing to store them
until a decision is made what to do with them. Photographs taken
Bricks are being removed.