Landmark and Legend
Memphis, TN
Here we note landmarks as they transition into history

Kenrick Hall, Christian Brothers University

As it stands in its last days, Kenrick Hall is the oldest building on the Christian Brothers University campus. It was the first building built on the East Parkway property by the Christian Brothers High School and College. Construction  of the building occurred in  1939-1940. It is to be demolished. In its final years, the building was identified as the School of Arts. It also housed the headquarters of a number of civic organizations. Use of the building was discontinued after the end of the Spring term, 2015.

The University has decided the three story brick building would not be cost efficient for continued use.

Because of its place in history and the memories of many, a Kenrick Memory Project has begun. Recollections, photos, and historical information is available at http://www.kenrickmemoryproject.org/project/

If historic structures must disappear, endeavors like the Memory Project are very much appreciated.